Patent Box

We help companies access the HMRC patent box scheme.

What is Patent Box?

Patent box is a UK government Tax Relief scheme through HMRC. If your company has IP rights, exclusive IP licenses, or recieves IP income, you could benefit from reduced Corporation Tax of 10% on associated profits.

Project eligibility

Open to UK based companies:

  • Who pay corporation tax

  • Own or exclusively license patents

  • Make a proift from patented inventions. This can include profit from: patented products; products with patented components; sale of patents; license fees & royalties from patents; and compensation income from infringement of owned rights.

How do we help?

  • Free advice on eligibility

  • Assess costs and profits from your IP-related income

  • Prepare Patent Box calculation and reports for your tax return

  • Consider your IP income alongside your R&D spend

Our unique approach

Only pay our fee once your rate is lowered

Once paid, we can credit you with a voucher to be redeemed against our other services

Combine this service with our R&D Tax Credit service

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