Exploring Horizon Europe A Fireside Discussion

October 31, 2023 1:00 PM
Exploring Horizon Europe  A Fireside Discussion

Exploring Horizon Europe A Fireside Discussion

Join Inventya’s esteemed panel of grant experts for an insightful fireside discussion that will demystify Horizon Europe funding. As one of the most significant financial incentives available for R&D and innovation, Horizon Europe presents a myriad of opportunities as well as challenges. In this webinar, we will have a depth discussion about the programme, the application process, the eligibility criteria, and more.

Whether you are a startup, an SME, or an established business looking to secure European funding, this session is designed to give you the edge you need.

Navigating European funding can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Join us for a fireside discussion that will illuminate the intricacies of Horizon Europe, from understanding the programme and eligibility criteria to the application process and fund utilisation. Our grant experts will share best practices and success stories to inspire and guide you in capturing essential financial incentives for your innovative projects.

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