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Funded by the EU's FP7 Framework, the Welcome consortia (Wearable Sensing and Smart Cloud Computing for Integrated Care for COPD patients with co-morbidities). Led by Exodus S.A., the consortium included medical associations & centres, universities, professional medical bodies and public health services providers across the UK,Eire, Netherlands, Portugal & Greece.

What: This project investigated the development of a patient-centred and proactive management tool for managing patients with chronic health conditions. It aimed to develop a 'smart' health vest to record key data from the wearer. Along with data from other chronic disease management tools such as diabetes kits, patient data could then be interpreted and securely held in the cloud, enabling access and feedback from patient and clinicians. This could improve diagnosis and integrated management of chronic conditions - leading ultimately to lower rates of hospitalisation and significant cost-efficiency in public healthcare services.

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