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Hei Makers

The HEI MAKERS project is co-funded by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership programme.

The project aims to increase innovation and creativity through partnership of higher education institutions (HEIs) and technical spaces. It is hoped that this will lead to trans-disciplinary approaches and new teaching methods in HEI, availability of open resources for formal and non-formal education, and better entrepreneurial and creativity skills of graduates.

The consortium will

·       Foster collaboration of HEIs, universities and private maker spaces, and other businesses

·       Amplify technological entrepreneurship and technical creativity

·       Promote innovative education methods

·       Increase open resource-based learning opportunities

·       Recognise competencies gained through active learning at maker space as per programmes developed

·       Test the collaboration concept and ensure sustainability of results

·       Identify and attract new players to join the next stages of the initiative.

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