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Medical Data Solutions & Services Strategic Review - Case Study
Medical Data Solutions And Services

Medical Data Solutions & Services (MDSAS) are an award-winning healthcare IT consultancy that specialise in the development and management of local, national, and international IT solutions for leading organisations around the world. They have been working closely with healthcare professionals for many years, gaining a reputation for developing high quality information, data, and IT solutions that support healthcare professionals in the delivery of improved patient care, put patients at the heart of healthcare services and drive efficiencies and value across healthcare services. They provide a range of bespoke healthcare solutions including clinical information systems, referral platforms, disease registries, patient home therapy systems, clinical trial systems and product surveillance systems.

They have also participated in various EU and nationally funded projects and have significant experience in collaborating with and partnering on research projects with the NHS & both UK and European based academic institutions.

Main Challenges

MDSAS has grown organically on a project-by-project basis since its conception in 2009 to a company with a significant turnover. The company had unclear growth aspirations and up until this point was focused primarily on product diversification. As a result of the organic growth and lengthy product line, the company lacked clear processes in most operational areas; it had therefore come to the point where they required a complete strategic review.

How we helped

The initial diagnostic session outlined several areas where support was required, the sessions following this were prioritised in order of need and focused on; strategic operational review, business model development, value proposition/business development & relationship building for NHS partners, values & team development planning, 1:1 values workshops with senior leadership team, collation of individual values into team values, vision and mission, strategic resource mapping – internal, external and core partners required in the short & long-term and strategic goals.

The sessions enabled the senior management team to focus on the strategic level opportunities and to take a step back from the everyday running of the business.

Towards the end of the support, the client was able to develop a clear growth strategy with defined market penetration, market development and diversification aims and a timeline of when to bring in new roles to the business; this was clearly presented back to the team and gained buy-in from employees.


Some of the main impacts achieved where:

• Entering new markets – Client was able to expand into a new clinical area with current product range

• Bringing new products to market – Created a new product that shows 30% reduction in mortality

• Increase Market Share – Pushed one product from pilot stage to regional implementation

• Increase in Company Turnover – Now able to cost a project competently, thinking about all areas of the business involved

• Cost Savings – Enabled the company to focus on specific resource required for growth

• Jobs maintained – Have bought in more income to be able to fund current roles

• Jobs created – Recruiting for 2 new roles initially and in the medium-term will seek to employ a further 3 roles.

• Increasing value associated to the service – Full oversight of the product range enabled the client to understand how best to service their own clients, therefore deliver additional clinical services and improve patient care

• Improved satisfaction of clients – Produced multiple releases of a product based on clinical feedback to support clinicians in the delivery of patient care

• Secure grant funding – Secured £46,000 grant funding to support the adoption of their wound care product across a regional footprint.

• Improved Innovation culture – Reinforced communication, mutual support, customer focus and adoption of the latest technologies and will redevelop existing platforms.

• Improved innovation strategy – Undertaken a strategy review to identify areas of need and put in place measures to deliver on these e.g. business model development workshops.

• Improved innovation process – Reviewed and refined process to optimise delivery of innovation concept to implementation i.e. staffing, technology, infrastructure, funding.

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“The Innovate UK EDGE and Enterprise Europe Network team delivering the support to the company were extremely professional and helpful, transforming the way the company operates in its approach to business in all aspects, including income, staffing, project development and innovation. The process has been an invaluable exercise that will help to ensure the expansion and growth of our SME company.” 

Rob Hollingsworth, Chief Executive Officer