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Open Call: Simulating Future Battlespace Complexity

Defence & Security
Digital, AI & Machine Learning
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Current live exercises cannot represent many modern offensive and defensive systems and the anticipated complexity of the battlefield. Using live platforms also places a demand on scarce resources and implies a financial and environmental cost through the use of fuel and other consumables.

We must therefore endeavour to create more effective training environments through the use of simulation and synthetic environments which will enable more frequent training, greater challenge and greater availability. There is a requirement to work with civil partners to pursue technologies and approaches to training within a simulated environment that is compatible with the constraints of our budgets, training facilities and legislation.

We seek novel ideas that can be used by UK Defence to do one, or several, of the below:

  • Apply procedures and solutions that provide effective training and evaluation capabilities
  • Integration and fusion of data from, and between, distributed training and experimentation systems
  • Provide training for operators to perform in complex or high stress environments
  • Adoption of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality into training
  • Capture and exploitation of performance information collected during training

All proposals should be created with the aim of enabling faster insertion of new capability and must inform and be informed by wargames and simulations investigating emerging threats.

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