Jeremy Swinnerton

Senior innovation and growth specialist

Jeremy joined Inventya to build on a career in the automotive industry, where he supported the leaders of ambitious and innovative SME dealerships and led lending and investment teams.  He delivered financing solutions, M&A deals and the governance of a substantial portfolio.

He is skilled at relationship & process management, analysis & advocacy and training & coaching. Jeremy has been a corporate director of invested companies, is a Certified Director and has written & delivered training.

Jeremy brings clients an insider perspective of lending and investment but has also sat on the boards of invested companies dealing with the day-to-day operational reality of running a business.

He is passionate about supporting business leaders to grow their enterprise and realise their ambitions while delivering strong business plans and organisational foundations to underpin that growth, based on positive values and culture.

Jeremy has created and presented many business cases, resolved strategic and organisational challenges and is pleased to use these skills in the drive for Innovation and Growth of the Innovate UK EDGE programme.