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UKRI open call for research and innovation ideas to address COVID-19

Manufacturing & Materials
Health & Life Sciences
Project Size:

This is an open call with no closing date and proposals can be submitted at any time

Proposals are invited for short term projects addressing and mitigating the health, social, economic and environmental impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak


Proposals to be submitted on a simple Word document (downloaded from here) and emailed to

Proposals should:

  • Describe the approach you will take and put it in the context of the national response to COVID-19.
  • International collaboration is permitted, so long as the research is of relevance to the UK
  • Explain the level of urgency, and why the activity is important now
  • Demonstrate that the proposal has the necessary critical mass to make a difference - where relevant, demonstrate the strength of links to relevant decision makers
  • Demonstrate a clear route to impact within the timescale of the project
  • Confirm whether the research requires any access to the health and care system and if so describe how you will comply with the newly established DHSC single, national process for prioritisation of COVID-19 research studies
  • Explain why it is not possible to resource the work by re-purposing existing funds you may have available
  • Give an estimate of the resources required (within 10%)
  • As part of the submission, the proposal may include requests for access to UKRI experimental, analytical or computational capabilities that are currently operational
  • Name the team that will run this and describe their ability and capacity to deliver
  • UKRI can help provide access to pooled research staff from UK facilities, including research software engineering support and staff data scientists – indicate on the form if help assembling the team is needed
  • Provide evidence that the host institution or business supports the proposal and that the research can be carried out under present institutional or business restrictions

More information can be found here


UKRI will support excellent proposals of up to 18 months duration which meet at least one of the following:

  • New research or innovation with a clear impact pathway that has the potential (within the period of the award) to deliver a significant contribution to the understanding of, and response to, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts
  • Supports the manufacture and/or wide scale adoption of an intervention with significant potential
  • Gathers critical data and resources quickly for future research use

Proposals will be accepted from anyone who is normally eligible to apply for UKRI funding.
Proposals should be sent through this route for any research or innovation relevant to the above regardless of funding Council or whether relevant to multiple Councils.

Proposals with potential to directly deliver a public health impact in the next twelve months, and which have not already been submitted to the Initiative’s earlier calls, are asked to apply to the joint DHSC/UKRI COVID-19 Rapid Response Initiative’s rolling call via the NIHR single portal site.

Researchers holding existing UKRI standard grants can apply to re-purpose/switch this funding to address the objectives of this call.

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