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Canada-UK: Biomanufacturing of Biologics and Advanced Therapies

Manufacturing & Materials
Health & Life Sciences
Project Size:
£600,000 for each application.

Transform the Future of Biomanufacturing with Innovate UK and NRC IRAP's £3.5 Million Funding Opportunity

Unveiling the Opportunity

Attention all innovators! Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, and the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) are joining forces to offer a whopping £3.5 million in funding through the Biomanufacturing of Biologics and Advanced Therapies competition.

Aim of the Competition

This funding opportunity is designed to stimulate the development of groundbreaking technologies in biomanufacturing. They’re looking for bright minds that can contribute to building the desired flexibility and technical capabilities needed for the development and cost-effective production of the next generation of vaccines and therapies.

Proposal Guidelines

Your proposal should demonstrate how your joint Canadian and UK project will contribute to the development of innovative technology that allows flexible, efficient, and cost-effective manufacturing of novel biological therapeutic products and delivery systems. The proposal should also highlight the project's high potential for commercialisation.

Benefits of Participation

Apart from securing funding, successful participants will have the chance to contribute towards the creation of solutions that can help both countries respond to future health emergencies.

What Successful Applicants Receive

Successful projects will receive:

  • A share of the £3.5 million fund for innovation.
  • A golden opportunity to make a significant impact on health and life sciences through research and development.

Competition Entry

By applying to this competition, you’re entering a competitive process. Remember to submit your application by 5pm UK time (or 9am PDT and 12pm EDT for our Canadian friends) on the deadline date.

Project Aspects

Your joint Canadian and UK project should focus on innovative technologies that enable the development and manufacturing of novel biological therapeutic products and delivery systems.

Portfolio Approach and Themes

They’re aiming to support a variety of projects across different technologies and themes. From vaccines and therapeutic proteins to advanced therapy medicinal products and other novel biological-based therapies.  


Please note, this competition will not fund projects that are intended for nutraceutical product development or dependent on export performance or domestic inputs usage.

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