R&D funding for technology, materials, manufacturing & engineering

Could your business benefit from R&D funding to support new

product or process development?

Is your business developing new technologies, materials or processes? Securing additional funding to support your R&D processes can make all the difference to your commercial success.

Technology-inspired innovation

Deadline 21 January 2015

Small projects – approximately £30k – with short timescales of approximately four months duration are a priority for this competition.

  • Sustainable, lightweight and nano materials and coatings
  • Bioscience characterisation & discovery tools, novel manufacturing or bioinformatics applications
  • Sensors, photonics and plastic electronics
  • IT and software innovation for data exploration, cloud computing & advanced software engineering

Flexible manufacturing

Deadline 28 January 2015

Small firms are able to collaborate with other firms, supply chain, end-users and research base organisations. The aim of this funding competition is to support small firms to develop, demonstrate or implement novel equipment, systems or processes for UK manufacturing.

Projects are expected to be sizeable – £500k+ – and have a duration of one to three years.

Cleaner conventional fuels

Deadline 15 April 2015

Small firms can access collaborative R&D funding to develop or adapt technologies for oil & gas field efficiency, process technologies for power generation, fuel switching, and carbon capture & storage.

Most projects are expected to last up to three years in duration and cost in excess of £250k. There are also opportunities for small firms to apply for feasibility or early stage studies, lasting approximately one year and with total costs of £100-150k.

Contact us now for more information about these specific programmes, and to discuss how we can help your business to optimise these opportunities for growth.

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