Proof-of-market research & validation

Identify & evaluate market potential

At an early point in your innovation process, our proof-of-market research verifies whether there is a market for your product or service, and uncovers those segments that offer the greatest opportunities.

Our bespoke research & validation helps your company to

  • accelerate R&D and product-service innovation
  • secure additional R&D funding
  • de-risk market entry with independent evidence for regulatory processes & approval
  • identify customers, and focus upon needs and wants
  • save you time and money at a critical go/no-go point in your development process

And yet proof-of-market research offers you so much more...

What proof-of-market research does:

  • Asks the key questions -  what's the business opportunity and where's the market
  • Identifies & evaluates market size and the potential for impact and disruption
  • Identifies customer needs and wants - for clarifying your value proposition
  • Market testing with customers and stakeholders - for even more in-depth feedback
  • Develop a clear exploitation plan, with a commercialisation route map, costings & forecasts, timescales and additional investment needs.

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