Improving the anti-corrosion properties of advanced materials – with primary market research

Inventya’s market research and customer insight delivers valuable insight for improving laser cladding and other additive manufacturing technologies, gained from primary research with market leaders, influencers and buyers.

Before bringing a new product to market, our client needed to discover more about specific corrosion problems faced by high value manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automotive, power generation and ship building – and the shortcomings of conventional maintenance & repair techniques currently utilised by these industries.

Corrosion problems across major industries represent significant costs to the UK – approximately 4% of equivalent annual GDP is spent on maintaining & repairing infrastructure corrosion. Twenty one percent of all accidents in OECD-owned oil refineries are caused by corrosion. And in 2012 the cost of corrosion in the UK’s North Sea oil and gas industry was estimated around $720 million.

We evaluated opportunities and challenges arising from the continued use of traditional welding and cladding techniques across changing industrial, regulatory and environmental dimensions. Identifying requirements sought for a technical step-change in the laser cladding market, our primary research contacts indicated how innovative technology could overcome surface area limitations affecting cladding deposition rates for different materials at scale, and how greater environmental efficiencies in precision engineering could be achieved.

Our recommendations included optimising our clients’ business model based on a venturing & licensing strategy; introductions to qualified senior industrial contacts; and guidance on pricing strategies to augment the product value proposition for customers. Our client is now well underway with the process of bringing their innovation to market, profitably and rapidly – as a result of our independent comprehensive market insight.

44% of manufacturers are focusing on product innovation and 41% of manufacturing SME’s are investing in R&D, compared to 23% of businesses in other sectors. But the funding gap – or the ‘valley of death’ – between early or applied R&D and market entry remains problematic for UK manufacturers relative to global competitors (Foresight, [2013] The Future of Manufacturing: a new era of opportunity and challenge for the UK).

We work with advanced materials, manufacturing, environmental technology, biomedical and healthcare customers providing a full range of market research & commercialisation services. We’ll also help your business to secure R&D funding for bridging that ‘valley of death’.

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