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With you at every step

We're committed to working with you all the way - from securing proof-of-concept funding to IP protection and commercialisation strategies. We'll help you develop new products or services, enter new markets, identify customers and generate leads.

When speed is everything

We understand the importance of speed and agility in taking your idea to market - which is why we've developed our Innovation Fast Track service.  Accelerating your progress to market, it enables you to evaluate and choose the right marketing strategy and gain rapid introductions to potential partners, investors and industry leaders worldwide. Time is money, and we'll work fast to reduce costs and optimise your innovation timeline.

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For universities and public sector R&D

"Road test" your idea

We'll work alongside your technology transfer process to provide detailed proof-of-market intelligence. You'll gain timely insight into the market potential for your disclosure. We are members of Praxis Unico, the UK's leading network for commercialisation and technology transfer within academia and the public sector research base.

From idea to market

We understand the essentials involved in successful exploitation of your research idea. We'll help you to develop your business case, plan your commercialisation & route to market strategy and build the financials necessary for finance-raising. We'll help secure follow-on R&D funding for your spinout.

For investors

An extra pair of hands

Due diligence is a necessarily exhaustive and detailed process for everyone involved. Although you'll be an expert fund manager, angel investor or business finance professional, you can't cover all the bases. When you need additional due diligence information on specific markets, customers or competitors, Inventya can help.

Backstop expertise for your investees

We can help your investees to identify and secure R&D and proof-of-market funding from providers including Technology Strategy Board and Wellcome Trust. Or when your investees need expert guidance on route to market, business model development or lead generation, we can assist.



We provide market research and validation for new product development in science, engineering and technology sectors, helping our clients take to market over 300 new technology products and services. Our expertise focuses on innovation in life sciences, healthcare, high value manufacturing and environmental technologies.

Gold Partner with Sci Tech Daresbury

Sci-Tech Daresbury is a joint venture between Langtree Group plc, Science & Technology Facilities Council and Halton Borough Council.


How our research and commercialisation services add value

We'll partner with you throughout the innovation process acting as a trusted advisor and provider of tailored solutions to help you get from idea to market. 

We help innovative firms and research organisations to 

  • secure R&D and seed funding for new product & service development
  • identify local and global markets, customers & channels
  • prepare for investment 
  • develop robust business plans and sales or marketing strategies
  • access specialised university facilities & personnel
  • join R&D consortia projects and expand your networks & leads

Whether you are looking to introduce a new product, test a new concept or refine an existing product, having a clear understanding of your market & potential customers should always be the first step. At an early point in your innovation process, our proof-of-concept and proof-of-market research verifies whether there is a market for your product or service, and uncovers those segments that offer the greatest opportunities.

Using a combination of desk based research and customer interviews, proof-of-market research gives you a clear overview of the current status of the market. We'll expertly identify, analyse and synthesise industry trends and information to give you detailed insight and intelligence. Our proof-of-concept and proof-of-market research will:

  • Identify the main market sectors
  • Estimate market size and growth
  • Analyse key market trends, drivers and constraints
  • Assess market competitiveness
  • Understand customer challenges and pain-points

We are uniquely positioned to advise you on how grant funding and R&D tax credits can be effectively leveraged to optimally support your innovation process.

A proof-of-concept or proof-of-market study can be conducted as a stand-alone project, as a precursor to a prototype development grant, and within our Innovation Fast Track package.

Focusing on the customers that are most likely to purchase your product or service is essential to success and profitability - wherever in the world those customers are located.

Our targeted primary research including customer analysis and surveys enables you to fully understand global customer expectations and identify unmet needs.

Our industry experts and contacts with potential customers help provide a cost-effective assessment of the market opportunities for your product or service, and we'll frequently identify warm leads and prospects for follow-up.

Our customised market research will:

  • Identify unmet customer requirements, differentiating your offering from competitors
  • Determine the drivers for customer satisfaction and perception of value
  • Define essential product-service features and optimal pricing
  • Segment your customers into viable home & export segments
  • Generate potential business leads

A market research for growth study can be conducted as a stand-alone project or as a key stage within our Innovation Fast Track package.

During your due diligence process you'll evaluate the business proposition, revenue model and market opportunities appropriate to specific investee presentations. You may need further detailed analysis on the product or service characteristics and competitiveness, on market demand, segmentation and growth opportunities, and on customer or competitor trends.

Inventya works with you to determine what additional insight you'll need to conclude your due diligence process in a cost- and time-effective manner.

We can also work alongside your investee management team to identify and secure follow-on funding for proof-of-market research and prototype development. And if your investees require expert guidance on issues such as route to market, revenue & pricing models, or lead generation we can deliver what's needed.

We can work with you on an ad hoc or annual retainer basis.

Commercialising a new product or entering a new market is risky - but an informed, authoritative and well-planned strategy will reduce risk and optimise your chances of success. Our Innovation Fast Track service provides your firm with clear insight as to how marketing and sales for your offering should be maximised.

We'll identify unmet market opportunities and help you position your offering in a distinct and superior way. We'll present the optimal market entry strategy and business model to maximise your commercial returns. We deliver an implementation plan outlining objectives, key actions, associated responsibilities, deadlines and financial projections for return on investment. Should you require assistance in the exploitation process, including marketing, sales, talent recruitment or fund raising, we can help.

Innovation Fast Track will:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your offering, and use them to develop a strong market position
  • Define the key messages to communicate buying benefits
  • Analyse possible barriers to entry and how to overcome them
  • Identify potential licensing or distribution partners
  • Identify optimal routes to enter new markets or territories

We use our expert knowledge of market research and grant funding to accelerate the commercialisation of novel technologies, by ensuring that there is a close and well-understood link between the market need and the technology opportunity.

A subscription service, Innovation Fast Track works for any organisation at any point in the innovation process. Whether you are a startup, an established firm or a publicly-funded research institution - Innovation Fast Track will deliver what you need and when you need it.

We work with our commercial clients to identify and secure sources of appropriate finance and funding, invaluable for overcoming the gaps and time lags before a fully commercialised technology can enter the market and generate revenues, also known as the 'valley of death'.

We've helped technology-led small UK firms to access key sources of R&D funding provided by the Technology Strategy Board and Wellcome Trust, among others, as well as optimising R&D tax credits and patent box opportunities. We've helped clients to secure more than 35 million GBP in R&D grants since 2010.

That said, we are not grant consultants. We optimise the commercialisation of new technology products or services, and we do that by providing expert guidance across both early- and late-stage business finance and funding options.

We'll help our clients to become investment-ready, supporting market-led due diligence and business planning processes to help you prepare your investment case. We helped one bioscience client to raise 2.6 million GBP in venture capital investment.

Throughout the processes of innovation and commercialisation must run a strong focus on preparing a business case as well as a focus upon whether the business model itself is the innovation, rather than a specific product or process.

We help our clients to build a business case alongside the development of a prototype product or service, enabling our clients to fully identify the problem and the solution, analyse all considerations and resources, anticipate outcomes, and analyse budget and return on investment. Without a business case, a great idea is just that, a great idea without a commercial path to market.

And we also analyse your business model, your industry trends and stakeholder to establish whether your great idea really can create, deliver and capture value for its customers.  

We conduct technology scouting & mapping exercises for clients in healthcare, bioscience, high value manufacturing and clean tech. We recently helped a Tier 1 rail transport manufacturer to develop an 'innovation pipeline'.
We identified more than 150 potential matches against the client's technology brief, refining that to 15 qualified candidates. Our technology scouting & mapping exercise has helped the client to position itself as an exemplar in feeding the innovation pipeline.

We project manage the entire scouting process - from identifying the problem and the brief, to matching against appropriate providers, to conducting introductions and exploratory meetings with preferred solution providers.


  • Working with Inventya is a pleasure. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff are committed to helping companies grow. Their deep understanding of the R&D grant application process enabled us to present two successful bids and take our business to the next stage of development.
    Dr Clare Nolan

    Tomorrow's Medicines

  • “Inventya have provided us with a brilliant commercial screening mechanism. Without Inventya’s support, we wouldn’t have been able to resource this level of research or secure our £2.6 million in venture capital investment.”
    Simon Bryson