Current R&D funding competitions supporting science & technology innovation

Does your company has an idea worth exploring or evaluating commercially? You may need to evaluate technical feasibility or you may have a later-stage product or service which now needs further development. Forthcoming Technology Strategy Board R&D funding calls may be of interest. Contact us to discuss how you can maximise these opportunities.

Smart: the grant for SME innovation

Deadline 22 May

Smart is a grant scheme which offers funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to engage in R&D projects in the strategically important areas of science, engineering and technology, from which successful new products, processes and services could emerge.  Three types of grant are available:

  • Proof of market (up to £25k to assess the commercial viability)
  • Proof of concept (up to £100k to explore the technical feasibility and commercial potential of a new technology, product or process)
  • Development of prototype (up to £250k to develop a technologically innovative product, service or industrial process).

Realising the graphene revolution

Deadline 04 June

The Technology Strategy Board will fund projects based on graphene and related, substantially planar, 2D carbon-based nanotechnologies that have the potential to lead to the products and services of tomorrow – or even to completely new industries. This includes but is not limited to, mechanical strength and stiffness, electrical and thermal conductivity, thinness, transparency and other optical properties, high surface area to volume, high-charge carrier mobility, impermeability and biocompatibility. Typical project size up to £200k, SME’s can draw down 75% of the project costs as a grant.

Technology inspired innovation

Deadline 25 June

The Technology Strategy Board is aiming to stimulate business innovation across a broad range of technologies falling within four key areas:

  • advanced materials (sustainability and materials security, materials for energy, high value markets)
  • biosciences (characterisation and discovery tools, bioinformatics, production and processing)
  • electronics, sensors and photonics (photonics, sensor systems, plastic electronics, electronic systems, power electronics)
  • ICT (data exploration, simple user experiences, confidence in deploying internet-distributed systems, advanced software engineering)

These ‘enabling technologies’ underpin the development of high-value products and services to meet market needs across all economic sectors and generate significant growth in the UK. Typical project size £50k-£150k – SME’s can draw down 75% of the project costs as a grant.

Agri-Tech Catalyst (early stage awards)

Deadline 11 June

The catalyst offers funding to innovative businesses and researchers to develop solutions to global agricultural challenges.  The objective is to explore and evaluate the technical and commercial potential of an early-stage innovative idea.  It will fund proposals relating to:

  • primary crop and livestock production, including aquaculture
  • non-food uses of arable crops (for example, for biomass)
  • food security and nutrition challenges in international development
  • challenges in downstream food processing, provided the solution lies in primary production.

Typical project size £150k-£500k, SME’s can draw down 75% of the project costs as a grant.

Crop and livestock disease challenges

Deadline 18 June

This competition targets the bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens which affect crop and livestock production, including aquaculture. The aim is to optimise yield and quality in pre and post-farm gate environments.  Projects will support technologies and approaches to improve disease and pathogen identification, treatment and management.  The work undertaken will assess the technical and commercial viability of the proposed technologies. Typical project size £500k – £2m, SME’s can draw down 60% of the project costs as a grant.

Contact us now to discuss how your business can maximise these opportunities.