Active and advanced wound care technology – bringing innovations to market

Inventya’s market research and customer insight work delivers valuable insight for our clients on aspects of formulation, delivery and application for advanced wound care innovation, gained from primary research with market leaders, influencers and buyers.

Several different medical technology clients – developing different but distinctive solutions to unmet need in different segments of the global wound care market – wanted the same answers. What’s the most attractive market segment for my specific product concept, and what’s the most profitable route to market?

The UK’s National Health Service per annum spends over £3 billion treating wound care alone. Diabetic patients are fifteen per cent more likely than non-diabetics to develop lower limb ulceration, and in the US market alone, over 6 million diabetic patients suffer from chronic foot ulcers by 2034. In the US, hospitalisation and medical costs arising from lower limb ulceration are in excess of $11 billion, and rising. Other long term chronic conditions such as HIV-Aids as well as acute burns and surgical wounds present additional demand for novel wound care devices & therapies.

We evaluated opportunities and challenges arising from demographic change and health trends including ageing, obesity-related conditions and patterns of long-term chronic disease. Identifying attractive sub-sector opportunities for innovative new products, our primary research contacts shared valuable insight for our clients’ value propositions & competitive advantage against market-leading products, for product positioning within attractive target segments, and for identifying health economics-led benefits for buyers & procurers.

Our recommendations included a licensing strategy linked to warm qualified contacts of ours in the sector, and guidance on pursuing the most appropriate regulatory and marketing strategies in order to strengthen the product value proposition to licensors. Our clients are now well underway with the process of bringing their innovation to market, profitably and rapidly – as a result of independent and comprehensive market insight.

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