Expert Intelligence

Our market research is completely bespoke, tailored to what you need and when you need it. Our clients seek market validation and market testing in order to commercialise their innovative R&D and business ideas.  

We work with businesses, academic and public research organisations, and investors providing market and customer insight which adds significant value to new product development and marketing strategies. 

We'll partner with you throughout the innovation process acting as a trusted advisor and provider of tailored solutions helping you get from idea to market. 

We deliver the right information, in the right format, at the right time, allowing you to make the right business decisions.

We love what we do, and enjoy helping our clients bring innovative and outstanding new technologies to market.

We're especially motivated by commercialising products and services with a positive impact on society, which is why we focus upon healthcare and bioscience, materials and high-value manufacturing, and environmental technologies or clean tech.

And it's why our strapline is "Your success. Our commitment".

Specialists in business-to-business market research and commercialisation services, we work across specialist technical disciplines and, with our fluency in all major languages, across global markets.

We aim to develop as the leading ethical business innovation and commercialisation consultancy in Europe. We already operate in five countries with a network of global partners.

We'll continue to leverage our market and technical expertise so that we can help even more clients optimise their innovations.

And our values of integrity, fairness, impact, commitment and satisfaction continue to underpin our growth and expansion.

We understand ...


your technology

Inventya consultants combine advanced qualifications and a wealth of experience in technical research and business, enabling us to understand the theory behind and application of your technology.From life sciences to material sciences - and with core strengths in healthcare technology, manufacturing and clean tech  - we rapidly identify strengths and weaknesses in your commercialisation proposal and explore all feasible commercial options.

From intellectual property (IP) licensing and commercialisation to technology scouting and partnering, market and customer insight lies at the heart of our solutions.


your markets

Understanding the target markets for your idea and the packaging and presentation of your value proposition are key challenges for successful product or service commercialisation.

Our market research services unlock these issues, identifying market entry strategies, export strategies, channel partners and customer insight.  We'll also undertake pricing & benchmark analysis and we guarantee to generate qualified warm leads for your innovation.

We subscribe to leading market information portals providing real-time country and market information, and we utilise our large network of over 25,000 commercial and scientific experts. We deliver the intelligence you need to make strategic, timely and informed decisions.


global environments

Inventya multi-lingual consultants have international commercial backgrounds in science and technology. Using our expert local knowledge we are ideally placed to develop not just a detailed analysis of the potential demand for your technology, but to make appropriate introductions and to chair negotiations, helping you make informed decisions about further R&D, investment and partner selection.

Add to this our strong partnerships and support networks across EMEA, North American and ASEAN markets - and you have all the expert market research capability you need in one place.



your growth needs

We work with firms at all stages of development from spinouts and start-ups to established businesses. And we work with many academic institutes in the UK and across Europe to support the exploitation and commercialisation of research, research that is often generated by large complex project teams.

We'll help your organisation to

  • identify and secure proof-of-market, prototype and seed research funds
  • optimise investment by utilising R&D tax credits and Patent Box benefits
  • join and benefit from large scale collaborative R&D projects

Our team of professionals

Aldo De Leonibus

Chief Executive Officer

Aldo is an experienced business innovation consultant, expert in evaluating new business concepts and new product and service development. He holds MEng and Masters of Enterprise (MEnt) degrees. Aldo is fluent in English, Italian, and French.

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Valerie De Leonibus

Operations Director

Valerie holds MEng and MSc Environmental Engineering degrees. She specialises in feasibility studies, market research, commercialisation strategies, female entrepreneurship and the creation of ethical businesses. She speaks four languages.


Dr. Carmel Meredew

Commercial Director

Carmel is an experienced bid writer and uses her skills and passion for innovation to ensure successful funding applications. 

Kate Lowes

Head of Operations

Over 35 years’ experience designing, managing and building teams with highly scalable, novel and innovative solutions. Kate has successfully guided more than 50 products from concept stage through commercial release.

Fiona Hall

Business Account Manager

Fiona is responsible for business development & account management. She has a strong sales & marketing background across multiple industry sectors. 


Jim Doherty

Scale-Up Director

Jim is an experienced finance professional, having worked in both small and large organisations with over 30 years’ in the field. His main expertise lies within Business modelling, front-line funds negotiating, cash management, strategic financial planning and financial management. His current role at Inventya is to deliver the Scale-Up programme, an ambitious programme to support a highly selected range of business with rapid exponential growth.

Andrew Kent

Senior Innovation Advisor

Andrew has 10 years' experience of leading publicly funded business support projects to high growth, high-tech SMEs. He provides innovation advice and guidance to clients to internationalise ideas and generate new opportunities.

Jim Tunstall

Senior Innovation Advisor

Jim holds an MBA from the University of Salford and is a highly experienced business executive, entrepreneur and business advisor, with over 20 years’ main board experience in large corporate environments. Over the last 10 years Jim has supported organisations and individuals in fulfilling their potential through start-up, innovation and growth initiatives. His current role with Inventya is delivering the Innovate 2 Succeed programme to ambitious SME companies in the North West.

Viney Chauhan

EEN Client Advisor

Viney is an experienced client advisor, who dedicates all of his time to the Enterprise Europe Network, a European Commission led initiative with the aim to help companies internationalise their business.

Susan Hodgkinson

Senior Bid Writer

Susan has extensive knowledge of public, private and charity sector funds. She has successfully completed bids for ESIF/ERDF, Innovate UK, Research Councils, Horizon 2020, Welcome, Leverhulme, Big Lottery and many more. 

Ginny Chen-Jorgensen

Intellectual Property and Commercialisation Manager

Ginny provides intellectual property advice and business intelligence to clients. She has a background in protein biochemistry, cancer biology and semiconductor DNA sequencing.

Ryan Makin

Innovation Consultant

Ryan delivers bespoke market intelligence and business strategy to our clients as part of the consultancy team. 


Vicky Whitfield

Marketing Communications Assistant

Vicky supports a variety of teams in the office in all things marketing and administration. She is responsible for Inventya's digital marketing and has successfully organised a number of events for European projects.

Jennifer Simpson

Purchasing Assistant

Jenny plays a key part in the finance team assisting in organising financials and managing procurement whilst also making our guests feel welcome at Reception.

Lina Kvasyte

Junior Project Support Specialist

Lina assists the European project manager in the production of EU projects and undertaking any administrative tasks. She has extensive experience in the tourism and banking sectors.

Ausra Lingyte

European Project Manager

Ausra manages European projects where she enjoys interacting with people from a variety of backgrounds. She is fluent in English, Lithuanian and can understand a little Spanish and German. 

Marty Kiskis

Innovation Consultant

Marty delivers bespoke market intelligence and business strategy to our clients. Marty has lived in France, Sweden, and South Korea where he helped several hardware startups to successfully bring their inventions to market.

Our Inventya Solutions team 

Stephanie Fethney

Finance and Compliance Manager

Stephanie has over 17 years’ experience in managing various types of projects and programmes within the Public, Private and Not for Profit sectors. Stephanie is responsible for compliance, finance and governance of the LCRFE project.