45th Intelligent Sensing Program – Wearables for Diagnostics

The Knowledge Transfer Network

Wednesday, 8 March 2017 from 09:30 to 16:30 (GMT)

Bristol, United Kingdom

Inventya will be exhibiting at the 45th Intelligent Sensing Program -Wearables for Diagnostics event on Wednesday 8th March 2017.

We will be promoting two projects we are partners in that are using wearable technology to help those suffering from Chronic illness. The projects are called Welcome and Nevermind, which both incorporate the use of sensors and app to monitor the health of the patient. One project focuses on respiratory health of COPD patients and the other project focuses on using biofeedback to monitor the onset of depression in patients that have severe health issues such as cancer and amputees.

We are excited to share these projects with the attendees of the event and will have the prototypes of the vests on the stand. If you are attending the event, then make sure you come and visit us to find out more about these very exciting projects.

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